Plotting Ken's Tattoo from February 27, 2002

"This is gonna inflict a lot of pain on Ken; it's really a twofer."

Foreplay Topics

Gum chewing. Andy's stint as a comedy writing teacher. A comic book premium called "Where's Andy?" by Andy Breckman or "Andy's Midlife Crisis" by Ken Freedman.

Will to Live-o-meter
Cherishing the thought of Ken having to explain his tattoo at the flea market hippie parade, Andy decides to hold on.

Other Show Concepts Discussed
Kitchen Call-In Show where Andy would cook using callers' recipes
Find Andy a Friend

7sd as Nostradamus

While Andy makes it his personal goal, Ken dismisses the Eagles tattoo as "unlikely".

Ken sacrifices his deltoid to support the lavish lifestyle that his family has become accustomed to. Andy and Ken mull over tattoo ideas from callers and interview Diane, the tattoo artist. Around minute 54, cute kid caller, Jamie, comes up with my favorite ideas after Ken and Andy pick on her.

Just to know what might have been if democracy had determined the outcome, I present this blog's first poll. Choices are listed in order of suggestion.

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If you could change history, you would tattoo Ken with:
I -heart- Andy
James Taylor / Jackson Browne / David Crosby / Poco
McDonald's arches with "You want fries with that?"
Rat Race / Arthur 2 / IQ poster art
Everybody -hearts- Hank
Big Carlo
American Flag with "These colors don't run."
I am gay
Gingerbread man
Pickachu / Ash
Dollar bill with Barbara Bush
SUV with "Built Ford Tough"
Old man exposing himself with "Shabbat Shalom"
Free moustache rides
Nike Swoosh
Potato with "Go to Idaho"
Tough titties
Carrot with "Here Rabbit!"
Andy's home phone number

Ken may be happy to note that come March it will be 5 years. Ken's pre-graft butt may not be so happy.