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October 11, 2006: How Big Is Your Cubicle?
October 18, 2006: Bar Bets

Unsettled by the aspersions cast on the conduct of Andy "I'll Die With a Phone In My Hand" Breckman, I sought a better-informed opinion. Specifically, I posted the following text to the "Ask a Cop" forum on

Here's a scenario I'm curious about. A woman calls up a customer service department, posing as a 15-year-old. She begins to flirt with the rep. Before the rep reciprocates, a man comes on the line, identifies himself as a police officer, and scolds the rep for flirting with an underage girl. This call is broadcast on a radio show.

Did the pranksters break the law?

Within a couple of hours, long-time poster Topcop38 (a "corporal," which means he probably makes good money, which means his opinion counts) replied:

i don't see where any laws were broke. it may have been in poor taste but legally i don't see an issue.

Mix your favorite cocktail. Andy's freedom is secure.