Tetherball from January 22,1997

"Arnon rules and I'm afraid some day I might mean that literally"

Foreplay Topics
Arnon learns the benediction, then straight on-topic.

Will to Live-o-meter
Andy's mind wanders to something Arsenio once said about 25 minutes in. True to form, Arnon lasts twice as long to fold around minute 54 when Andy tempts his patience and a caller asks too intimate a question.

Fatal Flaw
Arnon, advocating Kid's Equality, turns out to be a Republican (no sex, drugs, or pornography).

7sd as Nostradamus
Arnon instructs Andy to not treat his wife so badly. Ken predicts a terrorist attack on April 19, 1997.

Arnon, precocious in every sense of the word, visits Ken and Andy to host a call in hour about whatever Arnon wants. What does he want? He wants kids to be given the same opportunities as adults. Andy and Arnon do go at it (as the alternate show title claims), and while Arnon should have been an easy victor, Andy nabs it away citing the Tetherball rule: the biggest guy always wins.

So many memorable tidbits about the life of the ten year old come to light. Arnon adroitly handles Ken when he pries about Arnon's militia and his shoplifting friend that is a girl. Did I mention that Arnon may be the best albino impersonator ever?

There can only be one: Arnon.