I Was Ringo

While this blog isn't normally a gossip column, boy do I have a juicy tidbit of tabloid for all of you. I think it's going to make a real splash in all the papers tomorrow. I heard from one of Kurt Russel's PAs that he apparently sent her out in the middle of the night to buy Depends while on the set for the film Poseidon. Not only that, but he apparently was also seen tipping a waitress at Coy's almost $400 recently. All of this adds up to one thing, which was confirmed by Chris Robinson's rants and slander at a big Hollywood gathering last month.

Kurt Russel is incontinent.

This is no laughing matter, but tell all your friends. To learn more about this hot story, you should listen to this week's episode of Seven Second Delay here (RealAudio) or here (MP3).