The Great Google-Off

As far as we know, the guess the birth date T-shirt contest is still on. Hopefully we'll have a winner and a baby Evan next week so Andy can start making that trek to Jersey City again. From the comfort of his busy home phone, he and Ken engaged in a great Google challenge to see who could find the answers to more listener questions first. You can hear contest of clicks here (RealAudio) or here (MP3).

In this week's episode, you also heard me call in with the very first challenge. My behind the scenes gossip and scoops for this post is that, unbeknownst to listeners, my call was arranged in a friendly e-mail from Ken before the show began. He asked me to think of a good question, and he gave a the example of, "What do Charlton Heston and Betty Page have in common? (Nothing, actually, just an example)." While my question about the Beatles may never be solved, and calling into the show makes me a nervous wreck, I loved having the topic tip-off before the show even began. I think Ken's foresight was important to showing us all that, even though we we love saying that recent shows have been terrible, the guys are genuinely trying to make them better.

Also, I was wondering if any of you would like to start regularly contributing to this blog? I'd enjoy having a couple helpers to make this endeavor a bit more interactive. If you're interested, just send me an e-mail and we'll chat.