Go Team!

As we sit in anticipation of tonight's show, I would like to update you all about a change that will be coming to your beloved blog. I have invited four long time listener, first time bloggers to help contribute posts. There will be Austin whose happy place is Sea World, but hates dolphins. Austin likes to use his girlfriend as a prop for most of his jokes, which, according to him, "she always steals sans credit". We will also have help from Duncan, a student of Poltical Science, who is thus eminently suited to this blog, and will be contributing a series of lectures on Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society in the coming weeks. We will also hear from Emerson, who explained to me that more information about him can be found using Google earth, which, if properly deployed, is always in focus. We will also have posts from Phil, a university student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada who actually enjoys a good game of competitive tug 'o war. I think this rugged team of hooligans will suit our blog well, and I encourage you all to welcome them with warm arms and fiery comments.