Stay in School and Don't Do Drugs

On tonight's show, callers helped Andy give his daughter and nephew college advice. Julie, on her way to Hampshire College, and Jake, on his way to Emerson College, listened patiently as they were told everything from how to pick their undergraduate thesis advisors to how to avoid joining cults. You can hear all this great advice and this blog's very first on-air plug here (RealAudio) or here (MP3).

...and how could I forget all of my gossip and scoops? Word on the street is that Andy will be doing a show with someone else next week. Will it be his college-bound coed daughter? Will it be WFMU's only Kelly Jones? We'll see. Also, my insiders tell me that on the week after that (8/23/06) there will be a rerun of an old show. If you have any requests, you should post them here before Ken leaves on his lakeside vacation.