Doing the Grunt Work

As you may have heard during the College Advice Show, Andy has offered to reimburse anyone who listened to the Worst Seven Second Delay EVER. You stand to be compensated as much as $1.50 for your time, if I can prove that you listened to more than half of the show. In order to do this, I have arranged a small quiz to make sure you caught all of Andy's zingers and Ken's disappointed sighs. Please e-mail me your answers before August 23rd, and be sure to include your full name and mailing address.

1. Where was Andy during this show?
2. If the tug of war participants had to be broken into teams, in what ways did Ken and Andy discuss splitting them?
3. What was Andy a-scared of happening? (HINT: The answer is not the show failing.)
4. How many cars actually stopped to play tug of war?
5. How many callers promised to come play tug of war?
6. Which of these things happened during the show?
(a) Andy mistook an ambulance driver for a security guard.
(b) Andy mistook a security guard for an ambulance driver.
(c) Ken said, "Chicks love balding white guys with rope!"
(d) Andy said, "Tug of war is a great way to meet chicks!"
(e) Chicks participated in a game of tug of war.
(f) Andy and Ken talked about their feelings and created a list of emotions that they were experiencing.
(g) Andy tried to use the classic offer "I'll be your best friend" to convince someone to play with him.
(h) Ken explained that Andy didn't pre-purchase McDonald's gift certificates because they only sold gift cards.
7. How long is 100 feet of rope?
8. How old is Andy?

Andy: Now what other show has done that after a failed show?
Ken: Well, no other show has ever done the McDonald's tug of war show.