Seven Second Delay Variety Show

Join us for another very special SSD Variety Show live from Maxwell's ("the home of the Andy Breckman") in Hoboken, NJ!

This weeks guests include musician R Stevie Moore, comedian Carla Ulbrich, and [UPDATE] comedy writer Alan Zweibel. Plus Dave Amels is back with his organ stylings and [UPDATE] Andy will be giving away a $100 Amazon gift certificate to someone in the audience....

Admission is free, but there will be no reimbursements for the wear and tear on your soul.

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ
Weds Jan 7th, 6-7:00pm

Andy Breckman table tents from Quirk Design Co.


JoeChrisMorris said...

Sounds good man!

Tim Q said...

Carla U rocks.

RSTVMO said...

Thank me thanking you for asking me to be on your invaluable variety show. I had fun, I know you did. Waiting for the check, plz mail asap.

Anonymous said...

this was a good show. please bring back moore and mail him the check already.

John Dalton said...

Photos from the show are here: