A Lot Like Christmas

Nothing says "it's Christmas" quite like receiving your Seven Second Delay marathon premium that you ordered in March. I'm pretty used by this point to Seven Second Delay premiums entering your life under the cover of darkness like a trashed, adulterous spouse, if they come home at all.

The long-awaited and superlatively hysterical pay-off to Andy's ventriloquism act would in itself be worth the delay, but this whole premium is absolutely amazing. It's got both the Best of LCD book readings, audio commentary, the 2006 Rock, Paper, Scissors premium, animated (!) foreplay, 40 minutes of Andy and Ken at the record fair, marathon jokes, waterboarding and tasering footage, photo galleries of the Maxwells shows, and, I just discovered, some hidden and substantial content like the 2004 Rock, Paper, Scissors show. This thing is incredible. Thanks to Andy and Ken, Nick Bertozzi and John K, it may be the best premium WFMU has ever produced.

If I'm pleased by this, it's because I never would have guessed something this professional and exhaustive would have ever come out of Seven Second Delay. It's almost very sweet.