To Be Recorded Before a Live Studio Audience

Ken and Andy weren't joking last week. Come join them for a live broadcast of Seven Second Delay next week, and you will go down in history as a member of their very first live studio audience! Call Screener Jeff and I will bet there to help you find your seats, and to entertain you with small talk on Andy's behalf.

WHO: Listeners Who Have Friends/Dates (+1's REQUIRED)
WHERE: WFMU Studios in Jersey City, NJ
WHEN: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 6-7pm
RSVP: To reserve your seat, e-mail me as soon as possible

We are also looking for a space to host future live shows and house parties other than my grandma's livingroom. If you know of one of these places, like, oh, an abandoned office in midtown, send Ken a little note.


Anonymous said...

This is so dumb
So in order to go you have to go with
Too much of a bother. I'm just gonna stay home and listen to the show

bob said...

Aw, its OK Anonymous, if you ask her nicely, I'm sure your mom will accompany you the show.