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December 26, 2007: Fan Appreciation Day (from November 1993)

With each episode from the 93-94 season unearthed, thanks to Listener Brian, we are fully realizing the Golden Age of 7SD. The shark was jumped over long before we thought; The first sound of barrel-bottom-scraping turned out to be the nth to the nth.

This installment literally has something for everybody; Woodstock anecdotes, literary crank calls, live demo recordings (not from this band but the original namesake,), shoutouts from A&R's and other radio stations, even a ten-year-old Hollanderian's first thoughts of America.

And to think, Ken and Andy could eighty-six their loyal listener/callers for brief periods (much the way Pacman chomps a power pellet and shoos away Blinky) by devoting a whole hour to them. Just take a moment and imagine an hour's worth of Hunter, of Sheldon, of Andy from Berlin, of the guy.... OF ME!!!!

(long pause)


Two more notes:

1. Dave from Fort Lee, even Jehovah from Fort Lee- If you see this, please check in and give us your update.

2. Folks, it could've been this show.


jwgh said...

Hey, I just got my Seven Second Delay pledge premiums from last year. How about that?

Anonymous said...

This show runs too fast. Or did Ken and Andy always sound like the chipmunks?

Anonymous said...

Okay, made it through the whole thing and I now appreciate that it played too fast. Should have played even faster so I would have lost only 30 minutes of my life.