Losing My Religion

November 14, 2007: Slang Contest

No bar mitzvah. It's interesting, though, how the initial disappointment at plans falling through in predictable Seven Second Delay fashion gave way to something great.

Here's three reasons why this week's episode was especially notable:

1. One of the funniest Seven Second Delays of the last few years, if not ever.
2. Andy in new comedic territory: rape jokes and incest jokes. I think there was a child molestation joke in there, too. They're kind of quaint by this point. Next week, it's a rerun from 1994. Watch for the dramatically different comedic stylings of Andy Breckman. More energy? Definitely. Funnier? I don't think so.
3. Beth's call: one of the most uncomfortable Seven Second Delay moments ever, and that's saying something. Did she really say "you're not the man I married?" Wow. Also: Andy wrote poetry? Wow.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think Beth's phone call was interesting at all. Sounded like personal business that should have waited until Andy got home. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I don't think Beth ever adds anything to the show. Seems to me she just wants to be on the air. I get the feeling she would like to be a permanent part of the show. But she's not funny or interesting.

SueB said...

hey anonymous... you must not be married.

on another note: i just watched the Muppet Movie and Kermit kept reminding me of Ken. He has that same kind of stoic tourtured underdog sort of mannerisms.

But what does that make Andy? Fozzy?

Joe said...

VERY good show
The funniest of the past few years...I'd say the one where Ken was talking about Mr Mouse and they had no call screener for the show (Jeff didn't show)(Apologies by proxy)

Or maybe the one where Andy was doing the senator Craig impersonation as if the senator had sounded like Mickey Mouse, and Ken was writing on the log a half hour in that he had no idea what the idea for the show was..

Best show ever was probably the Poetry Slam..

The show begs the question when the first slang show.. sounds like the show when Andy was calling himself phat to show he was hip!

One for the Merry Cougars!

Anonymous said...

I like Beth. She is a good sidekick of the show, only surpassed by Kenny G.

Joe said...

I like how Andys scared by Kenny!

Robin said...

2, 4, 6, 8 - we still have a basement to renovate!

Jason Grote said...

I think Anonymous #1 is actually Andy.

Joe said...