Hot off the Press

Here's the artwork from this week's Writing a Graphic Novel episode. It was illustrated by Hillary Moore, whose work you may have seen in Amy Sedaris' book I Like You. The editor of a grain-sized publication called Rice on the Other has agreed to feature Hillary's work on a page in his next issue.

Is this how you pictured our little story? Do any other artists want to give it a try?


jwgh said...


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the finished product

pfapfap said...

I really wanted to see the collage of everything. I think a good idea would have been for her to just draw up every story that called in as it was being told. That way they could go on for a while, as it'd give her time to illustrate, and Andy could get off some zingers. Then it becomes more a slice of the life of the show, rather than a construed topic.

Next time, let Hillary have her way.

Love the show.

Anonymous said...

is this seriously how the drawing ended up?
i can't tell.