The Void

October 17, 2007: Writing a Graphic Novel

Let's be honest: that was pretty bad. I don't think you can call it a trainwreck, since that implies excitement. This was a slow, unhappy march through an average concept to get to a completely intangible result. The worst part is that the show relied so heavily on a parade of callers with bad stories, leaving no time for any Andy/Ken banter (always the saving grace of any trainwreck) or any humor. To his credit, Ken seemed to have a good idea of how the show was going, given his clear irritation with the artist near the end. It's rare when Ken gets that irate with someone other than Andy. Every now and then, Andy demonstrates a laudable commitment to the concept, but this was the wrong week to get so determined. It's very frustrating hearing all these good show ideas mentioned over the past few weeks, and none of them seem to materialize.

Next week is a rerun. Any requests? Personally, I'd like to hear something like "Andy Breckman, This Is Your Life" or really just something not rerun in the last five years. But you can't have everything.