October 24, 2007: Today's Re-Run (from January 1994)

Here's a flashback to the days before Seven Second Delay was, well, good. I'd say it was about another year until Seven Second Delay moved beyond being a not-untypical talk show, and became the driven, high-concept show that found its way into our hearts. More recently, I think, the show revealed itself to be ultimately about what it's secretly been about all along: Andy Breckman.

Personally, I'm not sure I'd take the 1994 Andy over the Andy of today or the Andy of eight years ago. I'd have to go to with the darker, self-reflexive model instead of the comparatively-buoyant-but-not-as-cutting version.

(Not that it was a bad show, exactly, although the fidelity was completely insane. I'm trying not to complain on this blog all the time.)


Cyree said...

Hi! Love the blog! Long time reader first time commenter! I can't believe I got through?

Uh, I have a question. I also have a blogspot blog and I heard Ken mention that you guys have a Hit Counter on this one. What Hit Counter do you use and how can I put one on my blog? I found one but it is cheesy and broken.

Preciate any help.

Andrea said...

Hi Cyree!

Good question. Our hit counter is through a program called Google Analytics. All you need to do is set up a google account, visit http://www.google.com/analytics, and then get the code to put on your blog. There are pretty good directions on their website, but feel free to send me an email if that doesn't work out.

Good luck!

pfapfap said...

This was a good show. Ken and Andy seemed to like each other, and Andy enjoyed talking with callers. Note how they had no problems getting the phones to ring. Can we have the reflexive, cynical Andy of today combined with the friendly, non-abusive Andy of yesteryear?

Looking forward to hearing the other old shows!