It's Something Called "Good Radio"

April 18, 2007: Hands In Marriage
April 25, 2007: Getting Nick the Bard Out of the House

Okay, so let's catch up. "Hands In Marriage" was, I thought, a very funny show, so it's too bad that last week probably ended the little streak Seven Second Delay was on. It might have been an okay show for Nick, though. You don't get into the pages of "Retard Riot" every day.

Still, though, when was the last bad show? The first Metropolitan Diary episode? That's like eleven good shows in a row. Look at it that way. Please look at it that way. Eleven shows! By Seven Second Delay standards, that's stunning.

Although, it was pretty shocking that Ken couldn't remember that he reran "How's My Driving". It's also pretty shocking how this blog just shut down. That's something called "bad blogging." I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry for deriding Retard Riot.


jwgh said...

Would another person to post episode summaries be useful for the summer? I could probably do that most weeks. (I usually miss the original broadcast and listen to the podcast later that night, though.)

I appreciated how Nick the Bard basically refused to take any guff from Andy. And he was in the studio, so Andy couldn't hang up on him!

Ken said...

Yes, I too am ashamed that I forgot that I had chosen "How's My Driving" as a re-run just a few weeks earlier.

And I blame Andy for treating the show like an afterthought! I hang my head in shame.

I will do better.


Fatty said...

I though the Nick The Bard show was great. I love how excitable the guy is.

Patrick the Listener said...

I would tend to agree-- I thought they were on a big hot streak. But the Nick the Bard show was awful. I mean I listened to it all the way through, and all, but... it was kind of excruciating.

Joe said...

LOVED the show with Nick. He was a lot of fun!

There haven't been too many AWFUL shows of late (thank GOD). I mean, theres been nothing as horrific as the audio word search show, where Andy was just reading the paper and Ken was doing news updates to relieve the monotony

Anonymous said...

joe: Personally, I loved that show. There were lots of zingers, animosity and general insanity.

Joe said...

The audio word search? Yikes

The best show was probably Dead Air Chicken. Also, the show with Andy secretly taping the program was fun, with Ken talking about how its shocking to see someone taking a dump in public, and Andy castigating him "Who are you to judge?" then going on about how Kens yard kind of made him want to take a dump it, then segueing into it being kind of like an old Twilight Zone episode, about someones yard giving off a strange kind of glitter that would want to make you crap in it

I guess they got bored with the Benediction. I remember they milked one program about doing a new one, but that was several years ago..