Purpose-Defying Plastic Stunts

You don't need a hand-held mirror to know you're not the eye candy you once were. And, let's face it, you don't line up as much nose candy as you used to, either. So what to do with your copy of Death Defying Radio Stunts?

There's not much point in trying to sell it. As of this writing, Amazon already has ten used copies going for as little as $0.99. Maybe that one-star review, from a disillusioned Breckman buff, is scaring off the scavengers.

So what else is that CD good for?

1. Mobile decoration?
2. Lawnmower hubcap?
3. Tax write-off?
4. Play-at-home Wheel Of Fate?
5. ...?


Anonymous said...

If the CD isn't worth anything anymore, please rerun the Tollbooth episode. The outtakes I once heard were fantastic.

jwgh said...

Aw, I don't think the CD is bad. Admittedly you're probably better off downloading entire episodes from the website, so it's kind of obsolete, but what the hell.

Robin said...

I have the CD just for the artwork.