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Unless you can freeze time without crushing your glasses, grubbing for gems in the Seven Second Delay archives can be a heavy scene. Of course, if you're here, the odds are much greater than usual that, at least when it comes to Ken/Andy nostalgia, you have that sort of determination.

So, for the new folks who are just now getting 7SD RealAudio fever... What's your favorite episode from 2005 or before that hasn't been re-run? If you've got one, post it in the comments section. Take us to school.

On a tangent, I think "Google Map Guilt" is brilliant. But I've been wrong before.


Wednesday Keller said...

Well first off the good archive is here and I say 'good' because it covers more and offers download links instead of streaming ones.

Second we desperately need an episode guide. Both because so many episodes haven't been archived and because it's hard to keep track of your files otherwise.

I don't know about my favourite episodes but a some good old ones are:

Homework Helper / April 95
Andy And Ken Get Therapy / 2 Oct 96
Breaking The Ten Commandants / 7 Feb 97
The Phrase That Pays / 16 April 97
Time Deprivation Show / 23 July 97
Radio Consultant / 23 Feb 98
Original Stay On The Phone Contest / June 98
Taking A Poll / 16 Sept 98

Special mention goes to:
Get A Guy Drunk / Sept 95

Where Andy gets his assistant so drunk he later throws up at home. Also we find out about Screaming Nazi's and are introduced to up and coming cocktails.

I'd give you files numbers and rebroadcast dates so you could listen to them yourself but I rename the files. Therefore I have no idea when they were rebroadcast and stuck into the archives.

Really should work on that episode guide of mine… It's hard to work up enthusiasm though, when are a couple hundred episodes archived and at least that many missing.

Emerson Dameron said...

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

jwgh said...

I think the first show I heard was Stay On The Phone In Ten Words Or Less and the second was Radio Word Scramble, where Andy gave kids a buck to play radio word scramble and then called them back later to beg them to give him the dollar back.

These shows immediately grabbed me because the ideas behind them were clearly insane, and yet as the result of the persistence of Ken and Andy the results were very entertaining.

After that, I went back to the beginning of the online archives and listened to them all.

One friend I played the shows for found them incredibly obnoxious, so I can't claim that everyone will like them, but on the other hand if you like these shows then you'll probably like SSD as a whole, I think.

Duncan said...

I can't believe you basically just asked us to pick a favorite out of 14 years worth of shows. Although I seem to have no trouble doing it so what the hell am I whining about.

I have a lot of favorites, most of which are on everyone else's top ten lists, including the ones in this thread, so I might as well shout to some less represented ones.

1. One Hit Wonders

One of the most satisfying endings ever, but it also makes the cut for this exchange:

"Okay, what was the name of the other guy in the threesome?"
"It was -- no, it was another girl."

2. 2002 Marathon, Week One.

See above, re: satisfying endings.

3. Vocabulary Battle

Not a great concept, but the banter throughout is classic. It's also a good one to listen to in retrospect for the weirdly circuitous manner in which Andy discovers Maria is a genius.

4. The 91st Caller

This is just a masterpiece of structure.

Also, I actually do have a pretty decent episode guide, albeit one with a lot of gaps pre-1999.

Wednesday Keller said...

Go to the download archive and here are the file links for the shows. Or you can search for their titles and listen to them in the streaming archive.

Homework Helper sd030402
Breaking The Ten Commandants sd030806
Andy And Ken Get Therapy sd040602 (Andy kicked some high school kid out of his own band a year earlier which was NEVER ARCHIVED. Sigh. The other one mentioned in the opening, where Andy makes a nursing home woman cry, now has been :)
The Phrase That Pays sd020123
Time Deprivation Show sd040721
Radio Consultant sd020130
Original Stay On The Phone Contest sd050308
Taking A Poll sd040922
Get A Guy Drunk sd030910

My favourite episode, now that I've checked my storage hard drive, would probably be sd020306 otherwise known as the one where Ken gets a Tattoo. It's not the funniest of them, or the most horrible, but I can't help get excited as they inch up the dollar amount towards the best tattoos.

Or possibly sd040107 where Andy eats Crazy Gum and the topic is Celebrity Conference. Iraq (Andy) versus Berlin (Ken).

My final top-rated episode would be sd040303 where Andy and Ken are in a race. Andy says horrible things, Ken tries to dial people in time to save them using the delay on the internet connection. Funny stuff.

Of course I've only heard the archives (210 episodes not counting duplicates) which has a grand total of 25 episodes before 2000 (plus sd031105 which has no known original broadcast date and sd030813 which broadcast on the 24th of May probably either in 2000 or 1995) and 6 episodes from 2001. Oddly enough there are 16 episodes from 2000. Any way you cut it the pre-2002 archives—over half the show's run—are sorely lacking.

Oh. The streaming archive does have 16 episodes not in the download archive, but 4 of those lack listen links.

Any chance of a blog post asking for Seven Second Delay shows that people might have that aren't in the archive? 'Cause that would be awesome.

How about that episode guide, Duncan?

David said...

"The Perfect Murder". But I don't think that will EVER see the light of day again.

Anonymous said...

i liked nov. 12, 2003 "writing jokes for andy's trip to baghdad" because of the hydrogen fuel cell dig on the army joke.

Duncan said...

I think the episode guide I have is too long (and possibly too lame) to post on the blog so if anyone wants a copy they can hit me up at duncan dot fyfe at gmail.

Robin said...

Episode: June 15, 2005: Corrections: For The Record. Andy's convo with the lady at ConEd about the NY Times article is classic.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a list of who the initials stand for in the download archive ( )? My list's about 7 years old, so a lot of newer people aren't included. You could email it to me at harpden [at] hotmail [dot] com; I'd really appreciate it...

As for episode favorites, mine's from way back in 1996 (!)--there was a big snowstorm in January and Ken and Andy pretended not to know what the snow was. Callers reported the extent of the incident, and their experiments with the mysterious substance. It was the 1st 7sd I'd ever heard, so maybe I'm overblowing its hilariousness in my mind. Ken doesn't seem to want to replay it; I've asked.

I'm also partial to the puppetmaster episode (in which Andy spoke by dictating to his eight-year-old niece--it's from a few years ago), and have always wished they'd try it again with both Andy and Ken as puppeteers.

--Listener Rebecca

Station Manager Ken said...

I have a batch of old archives in really low fidelity 16k realaudio, but I dont think the quality is good enough to re-run them from that.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty sad when I learned that Ken periodically removes some archives in order to have them work better as reruns a few years later. Harumph.

Also, does anyone remember the title of the "Almost everybody wins" episode where Andy also tries to get money back from kids?

AKB said...

Just a note:

There's a good program for converting Real Audio to MP3 called Super. That way you can listen to those archives on the go. My god I feel pathetic revealing that I do that.

XNet said...

I loved the Time Traveler Treasure Chest from July 20, 2005. It was the first episode I listened to and for some minutes I thought it was a science program.

Jay said...

Radio Seder, Radio Seder, Radio Seder.

Ken and Andy have hidden the afikomen somewhere in the state of New Jersey; listeners must find out where.

I agree with Duncan about One-Hit Wonders - that one was good fun.

Tim K. said...

Dear Uncle Ken:

I would pay big WFMU dollars for a DVD with the entire SSD archives. Just so you know.