Now We Are Six. Teen.

WFMU's new fall schedule kicked off this week, and, just so you know, Seven Second Delay is now on Wednesdays at 6pm. Mark the change wherever you mark things.

Same time, same channel, so has anything really changed? Well, if we look at it this way -- and we will -- the small, relatively insignificant niche in the airwaves beloning to Seven Second Delay has been secured for another eight months, unless Andy decides to teach college kids comedy writing and then relocates to Vancouver to produce a two-hour mystery/comedy/drama pilot for the USA network.

And if we're going to look at it in television terms -- and we are -- Seven Second Delay just got itself renewed for another season. Which would make this season the show's sixteenth, if you're counting -- and you're not -- given the program premiered on October 2, 1991 with Andy Breckman and David Newgarden. It's just staggering, the facts I have at my fingertips.


Wednesday Keller said...

Assuming you're better connected than I what are the odds of some kind of season by season release of Seven Second Delay.

Drop it down to say 32 kpbs MP3 files and it's around 13 MiB per hour. SSD does what? Well less than 52 shows a year.

Heck even 52 * 13 works out to a little less than a CDs worth of storage. So why not put out compressed Season CDs for whatever price containing each seasons worth of shows.

Now I know about the very patchy 5 or 6 year archive at WFMU but they do keep producing old not listed shows so most of the old shows probably exist in one form or another.

So say publish a list of all SSD shows and invite users to send in the ones WFMU is missing and to add short descriptions of them all.

Than start releasing seasons on CD when all the shows for that year become available. Could also sell them as an audiobook download from Audible/iTunes as well.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a disc (or a series of them) collecting whatever currently unarchived SSD shows still exist. If nothing else, it'd make a great marathon premium (as opposed to this year's Seven Second Delay DVD- does it even exist?)

Duncan said...

I'm not "connected" in the slightest so I have no idea. It would make me so happy, though. But I imagine once you start selling episodes you might run into licensing issues, i.e. theme song and all the music-related shows.