Is It Live Or Is It Memorex? from January 9, 2002

"If you replay this show, it will blow people's minds."

Foreplay Topics
Where has Andy been? He mentions a two hour mysteryslashcomedyslashdramedyslashsuspense not sitcom pilot thing for USA. Andy throws down on Bin Laden and the Looney Toon News in Exile.

Will to Live-o-meter
After the winner is declared at minute 51, Andy fades to be rejuvenated by glowing praise from a Terre T call.

Fatal Flaw
The show's fatal flaw is currently semi-immortalized on octaroon-pedia.

Other Show Concepts Discussed
Automated Andy
Ken professes one of his favorite shows is when Andy arranged friends (including Al Franken ) to call in to confess heinous crimes.

7sd as Nostradamus
Andy predicts WFMU will air his answering machine messages in lieu of new programming in the Summer of 2009. Ken swears to never let Andy make morning zoo style phone calls after Andy reflects that 46 is too old to make prank calls. Taking a cue from a caller, Andy's gravestone will read, "Intermittently Hilarious."

After a four month hiatus, Seven Second Delay makes its triumphant return. Or, if you believe Ken, it may be just a triumphant pre-taped show. We may never know. Andy applies the "look at your hand" quantum physics theorem. Ken employs five minutes of prep work on his computer. Regardless of who you may believe, this is a great show on the merit that the dueling duo keep cracking each other up.

I don't know if it's just me, but eleven year old caller, Max, is frightening (minute 38). The whole Rat Race hating and threatening to rip Ken's lungs out to turn them into bagpipes thing seems to warrant a "where is this kid now?" hunt.

Pander for Comments Topic
Is it "Ken and Andy" or "Andy and Ken"?