Thanks for Asking.

You've always wanted to watch Andy Breckman and the Monk writers field questions--a little awkwardly, a little uncomfortably--from the show's grandmother viewers in very low-quality video, right? Yeah. Maybe. Maybe you have.

For twenty-five minutes on the USA Network website, you can watch Andy, The Best Show on WFMU's Tom Scharpling, one-time Seven Second Delay co-host Dan Dratch, Hy Conrad and Joe Toplyn tackle questions like how do they keep the show so fresh after so long. Keep an eye out for Andy's involuntarily shaking leg, the resting-chin-in-palm pose which Tom Scharpling manages to hold for almost the entire duration, and the video's near total irrelevance to Seven Second Delay except for, possibly, a familiar moment in which Andy invokes his kids to stop the conversation.