Oh, for the Love of Cream

Let's find answers to the show's unanswered questions. Any ideas what noun appears most frequently in Beatles song titles? Also, what's the cost of a hot dog in that stadium? What are the names of Andy's children? Does an umbilical cord make a better bookmark or paperweight?


Anonymous said...

Dang Ken, way to end the show on a high note.


Damova said...

You decided that the most commonly occuring noun in Beatles' song titles is "you." You is a pronoun--does that count?

JD said...

No! Pronouns are not nouns! You and me are disqualified!

JD said...

The most common noun used in the titles of Beatles songs is "love," occurring 14 times. All the more common words are pronouns, conjunctions, and articles.

If I recall the show correctly, and I probably don't, Andy gets the point.

JD said...

Ack... "love" is used as a verb several times, isn't it? :p The next word that qualifies is "girl," with six occurrences. Does Andy still get the point? I forget.

Anonymous said...

According to ballparkdigest.com hotdogs cost $2.75 at Jacob's Field

I just googled some pictures of umbilical cords to determine the best way to preserve one for posterity. I nearly urped up my dinner.
I think Andy should have it bronzed and use it as a paperweight to hold down the porn in his masturbatorium.

Anonymous said...

Phoned in and typed in... not a good show.

Coming up:
Ken and Andy go in a chat room masquerading as a couple of teenage girls. The audience listens to every keystroke as expectations are raised and hearts are broken.

Ken and Andy each have to find every misspelling of amazon, ebay, youtube and myspace that has been registered to attract the careless speller. Thrills galore as Andy tries to make his first online purchase.

SueB said...

"When life gives you lemons...you sell the lemons and buy a bullet to shoot the person who is making you miserable" -Andy Breckman

SueB said...

is this the worst show ever? i have only listened to 10 mins so far...

Anonymous said...

It would have been better with the race music...

robin.g said...

"Kids love it, retards love it." - Andy Breckman.

<"I just googled some pictures of umbilical cords">

You think that's bad, I Googled "mucous plug."

js said...

I count 7 titles with 'love' used as a noun, which I believe makes 'love' the best. Interestingly, "Which I Believe Makes Love the Best" was the original title of "Here Comes the Sun"

All You Need Is Love
Can't Buy Me Love
It's Only Love
Real Love
Soldier of Love
Step Inside Love
Words of Love
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Andrea said...

Good guess, but I still count 8 uses of "Baby" in these song titles...

Baby It's You
Baby You're A Rich Man
Baby's In Black
Cry Baby Cry
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
I Got To Find My Baby
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby

... any new contenders?

Anonymous said...

But I don't think the first two "Baby"'s or the last one count as nouns. They're more like interjections, - like "Hey, you!"