Do Call. Do Listen.

I'm getting the sense that the Breckman birth T-shirt contest has yet to vindicate the "Do Not Call. Or Listen." show. This episode is available here (RealAudio) or here (MP3) if you'd like to hear Ken and Andy call listeners and ask them if they'd like to be put on the show's "do not call" list.

While Andy drove home after the show, I spoke with him and Ken to get some insider gossip and scoops. During our exclusive interview, Andy confessed that he had been unsucessfully trying to reach his very pregnant wife since the show ended. He wanted to apologize for ridiculing her on the air, and felt real bad. In reflecting on the show, Andy pointed out how, like a good spouse, Ken had known he could upset Andy by comparing his behavior to that of a morning zoo DJ. "It really kind of stung," Andy admitted, "but it's cool to have a friend that knows me that well." Ken spoke to his conflicting interests as both a DJ and WFMU's station manager in situations when Andy bothers listeners who have pledged to the station. He explained that, "Andy has wanted to do a zillion shows where we call people back and harass them." He also explained that Andy's original idea for the show was to call only those listeners who pledged to Nachum's show.

Andy: I've been annoying Jews my entire life, and I can tell you there's nothing funnier.

In a sentimental moment, Andy and Ken talked about the real tensions that are going on during the show and how the show serves as a form of personal therapy every week. Still dwelling on the knowledge that the show's listeners have dropped in recent months, Andy admitted, "I always tell myself that I don't care how the show goes, and that it doesn't matter, but it's so sad."

There it is folks, you heard it here: Andy kind of cares about the show.