WFMU 2013 Marathon: Let's Soak Andy!!

Today's the first-ever two-hour-long Seven Second Delay! Here's what's in store:

Every pledge gets the punchline to this joke:

"How many Seven Second Delay Cohosts Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

1) The Soak: There will be a four minute "soak Andy" period. If you pledge during this period, Andy will match your pledge out of his pocket. Don't forget the huge payout Andy got from his hit TV show "Monk." Wow. What a windfall that was. I still can't believe how much that was. 

2) DJ Battle! Ken and Andy go song for song, and you will need to pledge to get Andy's atrocious soft rock removed from the airwaves. 

3) The Ken vs Andy Lickathon: for every $500, Ken or Andy have to lick an item in or around the WFMU studio. The largest pledge in each $500 round will decide whether it's Ken or Andy who does the licking. These are the items that will be licked, in order:

1) the mouthpiece of phone #1
2) the main microphone
3) the needle on turntable 1
4) the doorknob to the studio
5) the 4th floor elevator button
6) a volunteers foot
7) the toilet handle
8) the other guy's armpit
9) the inside of the other guy's ear
10) the WFMU bathroom floor

Call 800-989-9368! Or click here!