LIVE SHOW 8/8: The Cannibalism Hour

If drunk Ken wasn't bad enough for you, you'll have to come see our latest attempt to enable his substance abuse tendencies. He will be hosting our next live show from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater while high on bath salts. That's coming up on Wednesday, August 8th at 6pm.  

Chuck Klosterman
… NYT bestselling author of The Visible Man, Eating The Dinosaur & Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs
… He has written for GQ, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, Spin, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Believer, A.V. Club, and ESPN, and he now writes about sports and pop culture for Grantland
... Currently judging your every decision as The Ethicist for the New York Times

Baratunde Thurston
… A politically-active, technology-loving comedian from the future
… Co-founded the black political blog, Jack & Jill Politics
… Served as Director of Digital for The Onion
… His book is called How To Be Black

The Dotted Eyes
... Acoustic indie-pop duets that cause spontaneous sing-alongs and dancing
... Andy loves one of the band members
... Their debut LP "Wondering & Worrying" is out now
… They are playing the Alphabet Lounge 8/9, the Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia Friday 8/10, and at The Lily Pad in Cambridge 8/11

Ken Takes Bath Salts
... A stunt that promises to be so insane you'll laugh your face off
... We are planning to cover our smallest audience member with BBQ sauce

The UCB Theater is located at 307 West 26th Street in Manhattan [map], near the corner of 8th Avenue. Admission $5, and tickets are available at the theater before the show. RSVP on Facebook.