Wheel of Fate 2012 Marathon Episode! Call 800-989-9368

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Every $15 pledger gets the punchline to this riddle, which was written by five-year-old Evan Breckman: "A man ate one spoonful of food at breakfast and got a tummy ache. How is that possible?"

For every $1000 raised, Andy or Ken spin the WHEEL OF FATE!

Here are the items on the Wheel of Fate tonight....

Andy or Ken will:
  • Wear a sandwich board that says "I am the 1%!" in Manhattan's Washington Square Park for 30 minutes.
  • Buy their kids a $200 shopping spree on Amazon. No editing Evan's choices either, Andy!
  • Pour old coffee grounds into their underwear.
  • Read 100 lines of poetry on the air (if Ken) or read 100 sentences of the book: Occupy: Scenes From Occupied America (if Andy).
  • Pick each other's noses.
  • Sincerely read an ad - promoting a band, website, business, etc - for the biggest donor of the last round.
  • Use giant Incredible Hulk Hands to pleasure themselves live on the webcam
  • Tell a boiler story or do a tabletop drum solo.
  • Kiss each other's feet.
  • Do a future show where they knock on Snooki & J-Woww's front door and ask for a WFMU donation.
  • Let themselves be hugged for the rest of the show by a phone volunteer.
  • Commission Black Velvet artist Jorge to make a realistic velvet painting of them romantically intertwined.
  • Talk on-air in babytalk for 2 minutes.
  • Trade their underwear. 

WFMU's 2012 Marathon is ON! Make a pledge here or call 800-989-9368. Our annual on-air fundraising party runs through March 4th! Check out the new 2012 swag, featuring our Biker T-shirt designed by Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale, a truckload of new DJ Premiums, and more! Check this page for the Marathon Co-Host lineup, and help us spread the word by embedding a pledge badge or widget on your site/blog. Even more fun lurks on WFMU's Tumblr page!