Seven Second Boner

September 29, 2010: Live at the UCB Theater: A World Record Officiated by the Universal Records Database!

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Photos by John Dalton

Photos by Jeff Moore

These Guests Set a World Record Tonight
Michael Torpey
Sam West
Will Glass
Emily Garber
Rob Blatt
Jeff Moore
Grandma Phyllis
Nadia KalmanMarc Edward Charbonnet
Sarah Walker
Dave Soldier
M. Cole Chilton
Josh Bernstein
Hammerkatz NYU
Jess Cantrell and Mike O'Gorman
Jedd Kronefeld and Lenny Weissman
Danny Jolles
Brendan deVallance
John Cusick
Sweet Soubrette
David Harvey
Nate Kushner
Tim Dahl
Jon Bloom
Janet Tsakis
John K.
Chris Glenn
Julia Wertz
Matt Levy
Aaron Short
Stone and Stone
Maura Kelly
Jin Moon
Devin Kkenny
Bob Salzman
Shirley Braha
Mr. Dropout
Jill Cagney
Stephen Hoban
Amber Marlow Blatt
Kurt Boone
Chris M
Ted Greenberg
Patrick McGoohan
Grant Centauri
Emily May
Lee Frank
Tom Mylan
Paul Lukas
Jamie Peck
Bianca Bob
Lon Black
Veronica Liu
Pete Galub
Gentlemen Party
Andrew Flockhart
Randy Miller

Tonight's world record wouldn't have been possible, or at all official, if it wasn't for our last guests, Dan Rollman & Corey Henderson, the founders of the The Universal Record Database. Though Andy doesn't get this at all, they are built on the philosophy that anyone can be the best at anything. Even our silly show! Plus, when Andy thought it would be funny to make them stand on stage for the entire hour, and they totally did it without complaint.

Like watching world records? Stop by Joe's Pub Thursday, September 30th (today!) 9-11pm for "URDB World Record Appreciation Society #18: Back in the Habit" where singer/songwriter Mike Doughty will set a record for Longest Extemporaneous Mid-Song Monologue and local comedians will set records like Most Times To Say "Get 'Er Done" While Listening To A Single Chorus Of 'Sweet Home Alabama' and Most Photos Of Animals Scolded For Being Adorable In 90 Seconds. There will be records for you to set as an audience member, too!

Andy is planning to go, but if you don't see him there before the show, feel free to start without him. He's running late.