WFMU on NBC, kinda

Above is Seven Second Delay Producer Mike's "sad attempt at promoting the WFMU marathon on national TV." Pretty awesome, right?. REMEMBER - TONIGHT - SSD is taking the Wheel of Fate for a spin. That's 1 PARENTHESIS 800 END PARENTHESIS 989 9369.

From the live playlist:

There may be a one minute soaking of Andy. Anyone pledging during that minute will have the amount of their pledge matched by Andy (or Ken, if they want to soak Ken, although I can’t imagine why anybody would want to do THAT, and this is Andy writing this, I swear.)

After the soaking:

For every $500 raised, we will give out one digit of Andy’s cel phone number. If we give out his entire 10-digit number (raising 5 grand), we will then move on to determining what takes place on stage at the next Seven Second Delay on March 24th, from the UCB Theater in NYC.

If we hit $6000: Andy will don Peanut Butter Underwear on stage at the UCB Theater
If we hit $7000: Andy will be crucified on stage
If we hit $8000: Andy will get an embarrassing tattoo on stage – minimum size of tattoo is 4 square inches
If we hit $9000: Andy will get his very hairy back waxed
If we hit $10,000: Andy will get a VERY embarrassing tattoo, minimum size is 5 square inches