Meet Uncle Nigel

Our unemployed host Andy has a new project in the works. Variety tells us:

"Uncle Nigel" is a one-hour mystery comedy that centers on Philadelphia police detective Nigel Wells. Straitlaced and by-the-book, Wells winds up clashing with his nephew Ronnie, who's also on the force but less accomplished and more prone to screwing things up.

Breckman wrote the pilot -- which has a cast-contingent order from TBS -- as a spec script during his time on "Monk," and eventually took it out to the nets as "Monk" completed its series run.

"I feel like I went to TV school for eight years on 'Monk,' learning the business, and I didn't want to put that education to waste," Breckman said. "I developed this new show that's similar in tone, but the setup is very different."

I'm sure excited! By the way... who caught Andy's cameo at the end of the last episode of Monk? He's the guy being handcuffed.