Rat Race Anecdote from Listener Arthur in KY

Who here has seen Rat Race, written by our own Andy Breckman? What did you think of it? For listener Arthur in Kentucky, spotting the movie in an unexpected place was like seeing his spirit animal in the woods. Here's the story:

Recently me and my fiance found a small house in our house-hunt that we really, really liked. It was smallish, but all other details about it were perfectly suited to our needs and sensibilities. The home was sparsely decorated with a few key items that struck us both personally; a Curious George doll on the bed, a Batman coffee mug. And being a 26 year old dork, my eye naturally wandered to the little media collection near the television. There were very few DVDs. A single season of The Office US, the entire BBC Office, Hot Fuzz 3-Disc... okay great, a typical college guy pretty much. Oh, and a Windows Vista package. And Rat Race.

Now, people have warned us to not fall in love with this property because it's so tiny, but, Rat Race. Why the F was that there?? In high school I worked at a video store and blindly bought Rat Race because I could and because my father loves A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and I guess I wanted to connect in some way. And eventually I sold it to a pawn shop for $4. But here it is again now in this, this saddest of all DVD collections, smack-dab in the living room of the house I want to purchase, and insensibly so. I blame it on Andy. Maybe I just want to connect in some small way?

You heard it here first! Can you relate? Do you have your own stories of Andy Breckman related omens in your life? E-mail me and I'll post them to the blog.