(Sigh!) Okay, We Did It.

April 29, 2009: Tonight's Clip and Remix Edition

So, this week, because Andy was away on basic-cable duty and Ken well-deservedly chose to "not be bothered, " an all-points-bulletin was sent out to us ltl's to pick, slice, join, sample in, mix, tweek, package, rub our brows, call those close to us and tell them we love them... huh, what happened?

So, basically, It was our choices. We threw together our favorites from the 7SD archive and mailed off the mp3's to Ken. Some of us showed some tight mixology; say, added our own "Bolero" to spice up the foreplay. Well, guess what? It worked. We found a new way to kill the hour and another way for K&A to shirk their responsibility.

This premiere clip show WAS last minute; Takes time to get the flow of these, but here was the rundown of the show with the listeners to thank for their submission (forgive me if I spell your name wrong):

Voice Masking Remix (Brian Lamb)
Radio Dial Channel Breakdown (Laurie Morrill)
Harassing Tollbooth Attendents from CD (Grant from Burbank)
Father's Day Advice (Jacob Holler)
Julie predicts Rachel's matrimony during Puppetmaster (Raj)
Bigot Ambush Without The Naked (T. Roberts)
Last Week Andy Interview with Tom Jones Remix (Eric Papparazi)
4 Minute Nickname (Raj)
Catchphrase Remix (Mike Dronkers)
Ken's Pro-Gumchewing Moment (Raj)
Everybody... Remix (Becky H.)
Planning Ken's Funeral Foreplay (Raj)
"Say Your Name On the Radio" Ringtone (Anon)
"Oma Capal Fear Unt Vonsig" (sic) Foreplay Remix (Candy)
Coco-Nuts Joke Calling (Raj)
Predator Ambush with Andrea (Raj)
"Soon A Cleansing" remix (Mike Dronkers)

Thanks to everybody who worked submitted their mp3's. As Ken said, this is the first of hopefully many clip shows to come, and it is never too early to piece together your favorite 7SD moment with a lil' dash of yo' mad skillz (shoulder shrug). Send your audio files to Ken at ken at wfmu dot org. Clips must be five minutes or less and must stand alone as a solid chunk of guffaws. So please give so that jerkoff Raj doesn't keep chewing up the attention.


Ken and Andy return to the UCB Theater May 20th for their third appearance. Guests will include Moby, Simon Rich and Mike Weiss. That's the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, 307 West 26th Street in NYC, near the corner of 8th Avenue. I personally look forward to seeing Rich whose books Ant Farm and Free Range Chickens are hilarious and fresh. And then there's the YouTube series he put together with fellow SNL mates Bill Hader and Seth Meyers last summer which I present to you now, The Line:

Episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7