I'm Writing This Blog To Impress 5 Others...

...not including my mother. I've gotta get myself a nom-de-plume.

(collage above made from pixes of resident photogittty-photog John Dalton; Check out more of this star-laden event here.)

November 19, 2008: Live from Maxwells with Mark Leyner, Zeroboy, Bill Zebub and Facundo Castro

Well the stars were out, Andy was on, the audience roared without prompted, Ken's goatee came back; that hour was just magical!

Seriously, now that I think about it, I've got nothing to follow. What I WOULD suggest is that you follow Dalton's photoset of the night in slow sideshow mode while blasting the show to full volume (podcast, pop-up player, the real player file up-top, however you want.) and sit back with whatever gets you mellow. Not exactly the full Dark Side of Oz effect but the WFMU budget odometer is reading "1/4 to E" (we're nearing marathon time again, folks.)

My pretentious side is smacking itself for not reading up on Leyner back in his prime in '97. Otherwise, Bravo to the guest line-up.

And thanks to whoever whipped out "The Rose Mary Stretch" during the proceedings:

(I'm really off my blogging game. Sorry, five people.)

But if I can add to the mention of Andy's heroicism during the record fair in the Halloween show a few weeks back. I saw this Israeli doubleblend of Les Savy Fav and Roberto Benigni at DC's Black Cat back in June and came away with childlike awe and wonderment. This past Wednesday night I met the guy who runs Black Cat and he concurs with you, Ken. They are a handful to those who dare book'em.

That said, I bring you MONOTONIX, pre- and post-Breckman-intervention: