An Evening With Andy Breckman

November 5, 2008: Live Variety Show. Listen now!

Andy and Ken return to Maxwell's with what is possibly, after 17 years, an all-new concept. That in itself would be surprising enough but the Seven Second Delay Variety Hour also turns out to be a pretty competently produced talk show. It's unnerving to see Seven Second Delay tackle an ambitious stunt and succeed easily. Tonight's show featured such talk show essentials as an announcer, a band (sort of), a studio audience, actual guests with actual things to promote, and applause signs. Although, in refreshingly amateur Seven Second Delay style, it doesn't take place in a theater or an auditorium so much as a bar, just a window away from these bemused-looking restaurant patrons.

Joining Andy and Ken this week were Rudy Delson, author of "Maynard and Jennica" (Amazon sales rank: 420,285; sample customer review: "Admittedly, I picked up this book because I went to law school with Rudy Delson"), comedian Peter Keepnews, underground filmmaker Corey Burtt (visit his YouTube channel and his drenched-in-caveats Wikipedia page) and the most famous guest of the night, Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo. What a line-up! Own this piece of history today!

Photos courtesy, as usual, John Dalton. Check out the complete collection here. Keep an eye out for the now goatee-less Ken and the fact that Andy apparently just does wear FMU t-shirts wherever he goes. Does he come to the station and change clothes?