Hoboken Speed Yom Kippur Harassment Night

October 8, 2008: Live From Maxwells in Hoboken

A Jew walks into a bar. There's a sign outside saying "Jew's Eat Free!" and he is intrigued by the offer and grammatical error. Inside the bar there are Andy Breckman and Ken Freedman, joined by their friends Jeff, Chris T and Scott, and Ken's children/acquaintances, who tell him all about this kind of stunt radio show they have called Seven Second Delay. And for the purposes of a radio show they want to buy the guy his last meal before Yom Kippur but he has to SWEAR on his mother's eyes that he is actually going to fast for the next 24 hours. And they're also doing something about platonic speed dating at the same time but they really want to hang on to this Yom Kippur concept and so they send this one dude Nick outside to hassle passing semites into coming inside and eating for free. For some reason he doesn't get punched in the face or anything. But it amuses Andy at least. Also, Andy takes the opportunity to atone for his various rape and child molestation jokes, which aren't as funny to him, he realizes, when he has to look actual children in the eye. There's some further talk about what qualities makes a good friend and neither Andy nor Ken's children can pinpoint Ken's exact birthday, but it might be February the 18th, and Andy hopes so much that that date falls on a Wednesday, because that means they get to do the best Seven Second Delay ever to celebrate Ken's 50th, and as it happens, that is a Wednesday. Everyone concurs it was a pretty good, if aimless, show and hope to broadcast live from Maxwell's in the near future. John Dalton takes some excellent pictures of the event, two of which you see reproduced here. Collect all 26 at his Flickr page.

What's the punchline? I don't know. Maybe you had to be there.