Menstruation Tunnel Mystery Show

August 27, 2008: Andy Breckman and Kelly Jones (Ken and his show titles are missed)

This week's Seven Second Delay trainwreck has the distinct privilege of coinciding with an actual car wreck. Call Screener Jeff was laid out following some run-in with an SUV that makes for a pretty boring story.

Andy, Kelly and Andrea found lots of time for boring stories this week as they cycled through various half-conceived topics: Andy's menstruation divinity, the definition of underpass, premonitions, black-outs and the strangest place you ever slept. Sometimes, when the show really starts to drift away, as it does with repeated and extended Grandma Phyllis calls, Andy's inveterate sarcasm is like this wonderful anchor keeping the whole thing in place. It's the only reminder you have of what show you're actually listening to.

Other listening highlights this week: the broadcasting of Jeff's phone number and Andy's sarcastic vomit-sounding gasping. Classic.

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