Home Is Where The Oxygen Is

May 28, 2008: The Voice Match Game

I couldn't find a picture of the Livingston Mall that would confirm the presence of windows.

This week's premise, a voice recognition contest, was quickly overshadowed by the topic: a progressively more insane discussion of indoor/outdoor segregation. An amicable debate over which setting has done the most good for the world became a movie pitch about bargaining and survival in a post-apocalyptic horrorscape. (With the usual tangents, including restless leg syndrome, which makes for really bad audio but also a keen symbol of fellowship. Andy only knows one other person who does that? I do that!) No one brought up whether the outdoors or the indoors are kinder to Seven Second Delay shows. I maintain that one outdoor Bathroom Sting outweighs both Tug of War and Thanksgiving in Texas.

Speaking of old Seven Second Delay episodes, this kind of was one. 2004's Voice Recognition used exactly this concept. Selective Seven Second Delay memory was in full force: Andy and Ken relived the Hands in Marriage discussion, barely a year old, as if it was all entirely new to them. And for the record, in just a few months it'll be a full 17 years that Seven Second Delay's been on the air.

So! Where are we with Seven Second Delay's most recent (I still think worst) slump? The evidence all points to Andy and Ken having lost it and the show being tired and in a freefall: the slow descent into senility and a premise from 2004.

Except the 2008 remake was funnier.

Diagnosis: inconclusive.