The Return

April 2, 2008: Battling Facebooks

Welcome back to the culture of commentary.

Three weeks off the air with no explanations can generate a lot of questions. Tonight, everything was answered with the first post-waterboarding episode of Seven Second Delay, which followed in the grand tradition of foreign policy-related show hiatuses like 9/11 and Andy's USO trip to Baghdad. The answer to the question "is this the show?" is, sadly, yeah.

In this week's trainwreck, Andy went head-to-head with Ken and technology in a Facebook duel. Ken tempted listeners over to his side with the promise of the waterboarding video, which by now might have lost some of its innocently sadistic charm and is now more a weird and unsettling snapshot of Seven Second Delay history.

Additional show notes:

Can it be true that no one has read this book yet? How can this not end up being read on the air? From Manless in Montclair's Amazon page: "To Isabel's surprise, she enjoys the dating game in spite of the almost constant flow of letdowns, near misses, and largish disappointments, and promises to underwrite a vacation for whoever introduces her to her future husband. Among the contenders is JDate-find Larry, who warns her that his post–prostate surgery sexual prowess is like trying to shove a marshmallow into a piggy bank." Hmm! Seems plausible, right?

Also, I registered for Facebook solely for the purposes of the show and the fatal flaw of that plan is that I now find myself with a Facebook account and one friend. Obviously I have to quickly accumulate a quietly respectable amount of friends and then forget about it totally. I can't abandon it now with my one friend because the internet historical record will then reveal me to be a loser, but if I turn it into an active hobby I will also be remembered as a loser for maintaining that obsession to any excessive degree.

Life is tough.