Andyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd... KELLY! Kelly Jones, Kelly Jones, Kelly Jones...

April 9, 2008: Kelly and Andy duke it out this evening

Yes, that was a turn on Billy Paul. Nope, not one f*&kin' apology from me!

So, this was ... this was not a trainwreck.


He sabotaged one show, she called-in-sick on another, all that whole marathon/suspension/facebook mish-mosh left the air tepid; and now, they're back, they do a do-over on the "Lie Detector" game, and the chemistry is unstoppable.

"You're a retard!"
"You're a whore!"
"You're a retard!"
"You're a whore"

No, see, it goes beyond this basic shtick to a level which I can't articulate. Call it a mochachino swirl of Machievelli, Borges and the Bickersons. Judge for yourselves.


-Turns out the different version of Montenegro's GoodBadUgly, which I took as the special opener that sets apart "Kellandy" from "Kendy", was inadvertant.

-The female listeners are back! They're back!!

-Leave Andy alone, cyber-socialites!

-We learn something new from certain longtime callers:

Good credit, lotsa travel, and birthin' no babies.

Jersey kid used to live in New York.

Brunette-with-older-beau's seeing-eye dog gets no nod from WFMU marathon.

Expert coin-handling bubble-bath king almost put Howard Stern in office.

Bisexual witch's old flame loses wick over internet.

Tall indian with big feet has minor glories of Emmy facetime and rapper musk. (Also Andy remembered him. Tee-hee... ahem.)

Relief call-screener prefers erasers and Xmas ornaments to grilling a steak.

All in all, a solid show in my book. The trainwreck counter is back to zero.

Should we just stop there? Hop on board the plane with Andy, spin fascinating yarns with one another, and take on that BITCH MOUNTAIN?

Aaaaah, I'll run it by Ken when he get's back.

Enjoy your non-punitive time off, Rupture! Heaven knows you've earned it!

(pic of Ms. Jonez courtesy of Lady Marvelitsky (hey flickr, go flickr, soul flickr, go flickr...))