Where's That Executive Veto When You Need It???

Sad to say this but, because of complications emanating from the waterboarding incident last week, Seven Second Delay will be on hiatus by order of the powers that be for two weeks as announced by Ken this morning. Be sure to mark your calenders for March 26th.

Don't take it out on DJ Rupture, please. I'm listening to his set now. Much love and respect.

I can confidently speak for the staff of WFMU when I say thanks go out to everyone who made a pledge during the 50th Annual WFMU Fundraising Marathon in the past two weeks. Expect payment forms in the mail soon.

We here at the bloggity-blog hope to feed your "Ken/Andy" jones in some way these next fourteen days. Or be sure to scour the archives if you haven't yet.

Thank heavens the card on the Wheel of Fate that said "$5500/hr Call Girl" slid past the pointer!!!