"Seven Second Delay" And "Trainwreck" Googles In At About 170 Hits.

January 23, 2008: As Famous As Andy

To be fair about the title of this post, most of the hits either refer to a title of a 7SD episode (i.e. "
The Great Multi-Tasking Trainwreck") or something totally separate from the show.

So tonight's episode was a completely fresh, new concept and not at all based on the mashing up of one concept from an old show with the notion of "fame-gauging" previously discussed on a past installment; finding your Google-mate. Yes, an hour-long search for a person comparably as successful as our hero Andy (not Ken sadly) according to the same number of Google hits.

The calls did sprinkle in here and there (including one from our old pal Sheldon which was to me the highlight), and our "culture of commentary" chimed in as well, with suggestions of possible B-list celebrities who've stacked up enough googlepoints to bro' out with Andy during the Super Bowl. Here were the candidates that made the cut:

Drummer for a longstanding cult rock-metal band, contributed (I assume) to several enjoyable WFMU playlis-NEXT!!!!!

New bright light in the current comedy scene (Human Giant, VH1's Best Week Ever), very smart comedian (I know for a fact because I took UCB Theatre classes with him a decade ago.), has a vast knowledge of current events and pop culture. Actually, I could educate a guess that he'd enjoy a play date with you, Andy. (You know what, I vaguely recall him making a few jests on child-molestation back in the day.)

Who knows if Mr. Paul Scheer will ever hear this magic hour? Maybe one of our faithful listeners from the "comedy nerd" arsenal is a close link to him. Well, Ken and Andy, I'll have you know that I took action as best as I can; I sent Paul a Myspace message with a link to the play list. All we can do now is sit back and w- Uuugggghhh, I just realized that you can lose the will to live by blogging.

I'll TRY to make my final note quick: by what was discussed in the foreplay, last night's WFMU event with Ken, Andy, Don McLean-bashing, clogs, dummies and, yes, rape jokes was met with an ever-widening mix of emotions and reactions AND us no-show-ers will have to wait til early March with our credit cards to see for ourselves (Get that DVD conveyor belt going right away with this one, guys!) Well, here's something we can watch now; I found this 19+ minute nugget while tonight's show ran its course in one of the "about 57,100" Google hits for "Andy Breckman":