Seven Second Delay Holiday Specials

In the spirit of the season we've decided to improve the blog in areas where it's previously been lacking -- specifically, in things you can download onto your computer. For the rest of December we'll be uploading a couple of shows you may not have heard before (they're not readily available from the archive page) and all of which are holiday-themed. By which I mean they originally aired in December, basically.

What better way to say "thanks for reading our blog" than to give out something not really ours to give and that you could have tracked down on your own anyway? You're welcome.

Today we bring you 2000's okay-ish "Christmas Carols". Witness the fallout from "Joke Calling Episode"'s new benediction, and a moment which, with hindsight, Andy maybe shouldn't have found as funny as he did.

You can listen here:

...or download here.