Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend?

December 12, 2007: Long Foreplay, Comment Record and Focus Groups

During the thirty minute foreplay, Andy implores the listeners to leave comments on the playlist to break the previous WFMU record of 147. Ken is skeptical since 7sd lacks a "culture of commentary."

The topics range from Bar Mitzvah disappointment, issues with math equations, Mia and Frank, and finally to on-topic banter about the Three Chick Focus Group. Though a majority of the comments fail to meet the full sentence rule, Andy reigns supreme with 209 (unofficial count) comments. Ken promises to reclaim the record during his show next week.

This blog's comment record is 52 comments for Evan's Birthday Predictions. I will not implore you to break that record because I know the truth. We only comment on Andrea's blogs and when bribed with WFMU shirts.