Long Times, First Times

July 25, 2007: Practical Jokes (From August or September, 1991)

As a special treat to the Seven Second Delay "completists" amongst us, Ken chose to rebroadcast the second Seven Second Delay ever. In this episode, we hear a boyish Andy Breckman and former WFMU program director Dave Newgarden discussing pranks. We also hear the very first use of the "long time listener, first time caller" joke.

Andy: Hi. Thanks for holding. You're on the air.
Caller: Um, this one--
Andy: Listen, you know what, this is my second show, and I'd love someone to call sometime and say, "Hi Andy. Long time listener, first time caller." I'd just be a thrill for me. So could you try that?
Caller: Long time listener, first time caller.
Andy: Oh, thank you very much! Well don't be nervous.
Caller: It's the truth.
Andy: I bet.
Caller: No, really.