Homework Helper from April 1995

I've never actually been in a crowded theater. I only go to see my movies.

Foreplay Topics
Where were you when you heard about Selena? New Jersey is on fire. But, don't stop drop and roll, there is a flesh eating disease in the soil.

Fatal Flaw
Would you want Andy to help your kid with their homework?

7sd as Nostradamus
Andy bemoans that he is distracted because he is trying to save his marriage. "It would be [a] happier [anniversary], if my life wasn't a living hell."

Ken and Andy provide the public service of helping with callers' homework. Regretfully, there is only C- or higher guarantee. Helping a 4th grader write a sentence with only words that begin with S, Andy suggests: "Seventy second street starts somewhere south of here."

This episode is filled with old school all-star callers. WFMU personalities, Arnon, Bronwyn, and Terri T drop in, as does Andy's son, Josh.

Special Note
This is one of those Andy/God Deal episode. Feel free to listen. Andy has arranged it so that you will get your hour back. Has anyone seen this in writing? I need to know if there's anything in the fine print about multiple listenings.