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January 10, 2007: The Great Metropolitan Diary Trainwreck

Tonight, we heard tunes from Andy's son's band Bridget and the Squares. You can visit their MySpace page and listen to a few of their 'lil ditties here. I think they're really great.

Playing their songs on the air helped Andy earn some father points, which he will probably be needing after losing all of his DJ points. Not only was he late, sick, and mean to Call Screener Jeff, but he didn't listen to any of Ken's ideas either before or during the show.

The focus of this episode was on the Metropolitan Diary section of the New York Times. The Metropolitan Diary is this kooky column of cutesy, offensive nonsense. The guys tackled this topic by reading these diary entries aloud and then calling the answering machines of the authors.

I say that the blog should fill in where Andy failed us. Let's piece together our own diary entry. Who wants to write the first draft? Don't forget "His voice full of consternation" and "Mommy! Why is Daddy going to sell my shorts?".