Available... to Take Your Calls

As websites flew over the airwaves last week, I called into the show and had a little chat with Call Screener Jeff.

Jeff: Why don't you ever talk about me on the blog?
Andrea: Wait. Do you really want to be mentioned?

He was right. I don't ever mention him on the blog. I thought fast. What do I know about Call Screener Jeff that I could ask him about over the phone for my regular gossip and scoops section of this blog? The truth is that all I know about our Call Screener has come from what Andy mumbles during the foreplay of each show. Usually, Jeff is just called a loser until Ken reminds Andy that Jeff is probably listening to the show. I said...

Andrea: So, you're engaged, right?

I was wrong. The one thing I thought I knew about this man behind 201.209.9368 was completely wrong, and I feel just awful about it. I hope this little anecdote can be a lesson to us all that that your friendly Call Screener is more than just a voice between you and your on-air celebrity. He is a real person who wants to be mentioned in your blog posts.

If you could ask Call Screener Jeff anything, what would it be?