Exhibit A

What is possibly the most-often-cited piece of evidence in the continual struggle for supremacy between Andy and Ken has now been archived for instant accessibility. Exactly what kind of supremacy is being fought for is not always clear. Sometimes it's the moral high ground, other times it's seemingly enough to make the other look stupid.

Exhibit A in the case against Andy Breckman is "the time Andy made Aunt Tess cry," from September 25, 1996's Cheering People Up. Other prosecution favorites include Andy not recognizing the voice of his then-wife (from Joke Calling Episode), and, more recently, tormenting a nine-year-old boy to the point of tears (from Andy Outbids the Tooth Fairy.) Still unarchived is the episode in which Andy kicked a teenager out of his band on behalf of his bandmates.

There are, obviously, certain incidents Ken might find particularly damning, and two of them have worked their way into Andy's regular zinger rotation. The first is the time Andy was able to convince Ken that in the nascent years of commercial airplane travel, airlines provided entertainment for their customers by putting clowns on the plane. The second is Ken's misunderstanding of "lowering/raising the bar," and thinking that the phrase refers to a limbo contest. Neither are currently archived.

Each case is being immortalized on the archive page for future generations to listen and judge, but it's becoming clear that the evidence is building up on one side but not the other. When they close the book on Seven Second Delay they might not have got the most nuanced picture.

By the way, I don't know who "they" are. I'm not sure I really care.