Plugging Our Website

After much ado here it is: actual online content about the show Seven Second Delay. While the world may not need more of this, the show's website hasn't exactly been updated since July 2001. This online void has been discussed numerous times on the show. These conversations tend to go like this:

Andy: I’ve been teased about how long we’ve gone without updating our web page. Why can't we get some geek to come update it?
Ken: We need content not a geek.
Andy: Why don’t we have fanboys out there who can submit content?

And that was my call. As a fangirl, I am going to create capsules for each show on this blog. I'll do a much better job than a fanboy could ever do-- they just aren't as honest. To hear the above conversation and some others where Ken and Andy discuss their website, you should listen to the Not-So-Great Accent Recognition Contest or the Andy Goes Blogging show.

“Speaking of the internet, I’m on it. The world wide web.”
- Andy Breckman