The Secret Handshake Discount

Here's the deal. Learn this handshake and save $1 on your admission to the UCB Theater Wednesday, July 21st.

Secret Handshake Instructions:
1. The handshake
2. The wiping of the hand
3. The second handshake
4. The verbal exchange. Shorter person: "You love the show." Taller person: "You can't believe you got through."
5. The dreaded full contact hug -- 20 SECONDS

It may look easy, but just try this in a pubic place. I just asked my own boyfriend to do it with me in a coffee shop, and he whimped out 8 seconds into the hug! No $1 discount for you, Nick.


Irwin Chusid said...

Is pelvic contact required?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me Andy really isn't on welfare.

Martin Gumucio said...

I don't think I want to try the handshake in a pubic place.

Joe Chris Morris said...

as seen on Youtube!

Joe said...

Don't think Andy is on welfare. I got unemployment for 99 weeks myself

I'm sure he gets residuals as well for Monk